HI-Q Ophthalmic Lens

HI-Q is an ophthalmic lens brand of Unique Visual System. The brand through its excellent services, quality products and wide network of distributors has been able to revolutionize the Pakistan’s ophthalmic lens market and make and easy reach to the safer and more superior plastic lenses. HI-Q was launched in 2011, since than climbing the position of market leader in Pakistan’s plastic lens segment of ophthalmic industry.


Hi-Q Super

HI-Q Super ophthalmic lens will give you clear vision forever.

Hi-Q Hivex

Low specific gravity and high impact resistant are traits of Hivex.

Hi-Q Suntech

Suntech is an ophthalmic lens that darken on exposure.

Hi-Q High Index 1.67

HI-Q 1.67 ophthalmic lens are the right choice if you want thinner.

Hi-Q Anti Fog

A fog free vision so that wearers can enjoy clear vision without limitations.


Hi-Q Digital Plus

A clear blue light filter drive comfort lens


Anti Fog

  • Absorb Moisture
  • Eliminate Fogging
  • Clear Vision Without Limitation

Use slider to see the difference between ordinary lenses and HI-Q Lens.

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Common Vision Problems

Common Vision Problems

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What is Suntech?

What is Suntech?

What Is Suntech? HI-Q Suntech, lenses that are clear indoors and darken when exposed to sunlight — offer a convenient way to protect your eyes outdoors from UV rays and bright light without having to...
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What is Ultra Violet?

What is Ultra Violet?

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